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About Project

The main objective of PASSFR is to build digital education readiness for IFRS® education in HEIs by taking into account the unique characteristics of Generation Z students.

PASSFR is built on three important pillars:


Contributing to the IFRS® education of GenZ business students is the priority of PASSFR. PASSFR constructing a flexible structured digital learning platform. This kind of digital training is attractive for GenZ students. PASSFR includes several IOs that are especially designed for contributing digital readiness of HEIs in IFRS® education.


PASSFR offers adopting a principle-based approach in IFRS® education. Adopting a principles-based model of IFRS® education is not simply limited to teaching the IFRS®, but also includes how to apply it with real world problems. The principle-based approach emphasizes best practices with prescribed procedures, provides flexible learning and also perfectly matches with the characteristics, perspectives, and styles of GenZ students.


PASSFR includes a multicultural peer learning exercise. This exercise has been specially designed to meet two important distinctive characteristics of GenZ students: Multicultural and socially progressive. After receiving tutorials from the PASSFR Digital Platform, Gen Z students of PASSFR HEIs are benefiting from the Erasmus+ multicultural perspective and learn IFRS® with their peers and enjoy the ability to get different perspectives.

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Project Team

Prof. from Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration. Dr. Yakup Selvi's coordinator, Prof. Dr. Asli Turel, Assoc. Dr. Turgay Sakin, Assoc. Dr. Emre Selcuk Sari and Dr. Instructor The project titled "A Digital Learning Platform for Generation Z: Passport to IFRS (PASSFR.EU)", to which its member Erman Türkmen applied as a researcher, was entitled to be supported within the scope of ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 Higher Education Area Partnerships for Preparation for Digital Education (KA226-HE).


Bursa Uludağ University from Turkey, Mother Tereza University of Skopje from Macedonia, Bucharest University of Economics from Romania, D. A.Tsenov University of Economics from Bulgaria and Vytauto Didjiojo University from Lithuania are partners in the project titled “PASSFR.EU”.

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Project Team

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